Did Christ Ahnsahnghong say there is no God the Mother?

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One of the popular books that slanderers like to use is “The New Jerusalem and the Bride: Interpretation on Women’s veil.” They point out that Christ Ahnsahnghong said, “There is no bride” in this book. If you just look at the text of the book, it seems like He opposed the idea of God the Mother. However, if you consider the context and purpose of this book, you will easily understand why He said that.

Why was this book written?

First, let’s understand the reason why this book was written. There was a female member named Um Soo In and she happened to see a book in Father’s bag. She became curious and began to read this book without his permission and found the part where Father testified about Heavenly Mother. She soon became obsessed with the idea that she is the bride that Father mentioned and began to spread false teachings among members. She even said that she was entrusted with the mission as the Bride to have women take off their veils. 

Some members began to follow her false teachings and Father had to do something to stop her. He wrote the book, “The New Jerusalem and the Bride: Interpretation on Women’s Veil” and through this book He exposed her wrongs and made it clear that she is not the bride. At the end, Um Soo In was expelled from church and after the matter was settled, Christ Ahnsahnghong collected the copies and removed them because He wrote this book just to take care of Um Soo In affair not to teach the truth of the Bible. 

Let’s take one example. There is a wise king in a kingdom and he hears the report that enemies are coming to attack the city. He tells his soldiers to close the city gate and be ready for the battle. After they defeat their enemies, he tells them to open the gate again. However, some soldiers begin to complain saying, “Why does the king change his word? He told us to close the city gate before but now is saying we should open it again!” If you hear this complaint, would you agree with what they say? 

Now think about the reason why Christ Ahnsahnghong said, “There is no bride.” At that time, the truth was disturbed by spiritual enemies and in order to protect it, He closed the truth of Mother saying “there is no bride.” However, after the Um Soo In affair was settled, he opened the truth of Mother again so that children of God could understand the truth correctly. 

Why do slanderers use this book?

Christ Ahnsahnghong wrote this book just to take care of Um Soo In affair. He never intended to teach us the truth through this book. Writing this book was like taking a special measure in the time of emergency. That is why Father ordered the copies of this book to be returned and removed after the matter was settled. Then, why do they still use the book that Christ Ahnsahnghong did not want members to continue reading? And why do they just quote some parts of this book out of context, distorting the will of Christ Ahnsahnghong? Their purpose is nothing more than slandering the truth and confusing members. 

Please understand the purpose of this book and do not be deceived by their evil lies. If this matter still confuses you, you can always visit a nearby World Mission Society Church of God. We will explain it as clearly as possible. 

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